We live and breathe to hunt this amazing fish. There’s nothing quite like the heart-pumping, finger-shaking moment when a giant bonefish gets all geeked up on your fly and smashes it with sand flying from its gills. That’s living! As fishing guides in one of the most beautiful places on earth, we are blessed to be outdoors doing this everyday while sharing our experiences and knowledge of the flats with clients from around the world in the hunt for their personal best.


Although we’re not casting instructors, we are “get fishy” instructors. We’ll help you with technique, while letting your cast come as it will with patience, practice and time on the flats. We’ll also help you learn to read a fish’s behavior and adapt techniques to draw the bite you’ve been dreaming of.


Crew bios
Captain Kenrik (Kenny) Karas
 KennyPhoto  “To be able to chase world-class bonefish in the middle of paradise, is, well, amazing.” 

Captain Kenny was born into a life of fishing. Growing up in Central Florida, he was fishing Mosquito Lagoon for monster redfish, trout and tarpon a little after he learned to walk. Unforgettable annual trips to the Florida Keys would continue to stoke his passion and eventually convince him to make a life on the water. In 2001 he joined the United States Coast Guard. In 2003 his career brought him out to Hawaii where he was stationed and he never left. As an avid hunter, he’s addicted to the chase, whether it’s competing in blue water tournaments or fly fishing for bones.

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Because of our passion and expertise, we’ve been featured on the Outdoor Channel and published in IGFA World Record Book, Flyfisher, Saltwater Sporstman, Centerconsole and Anglers Report.