26 October

Fall bonefish don’t care….

Hawaii still biting, love these bonefish

Hawaii still biting, love these bonefish



Wow, amazing couple days on the flats since I got back from Mexico.  There is no place like home, watching these green ghosts dump fly line and backing quicker than a marlin down south!!  Fall weather feels like summer…oh ya its always summer here…wooohooo

24 March

Hawaiian Bonefish almost hits class tippet IGFA world record…


Jim Holland is a master saltwater fly fisherman from tarpon to bonefish….

His son currently holds the IGFA Tarpon record, so they decided to try their luck in Hawaii!!  We came so close with a 14.2# Bonefish on 16# tippet, epic eat on a tailing fish in 5″ of water the bit was incredible we were both shaking for 30 minutes after the release.  Good times and hope we can get that record next trip!

18 December

Christmas Island exotics…..

Mustache Triggerfish

Mustache Triggerfish

GT or Geet

GT or Geet










I love to target the different rare species of Christmas Island and helping my clients with the techniques involved in stalking, casting and the bite(feed) of each fish you might come across…which are many!  and don’t forget about the thousands of bonefish all around your feet…

Milkfish are the most frustrating fish on earth to get to eat a fly.  They mostly eat zooplankton, jellyfish and moss that are floating in current lines and bubble trails.   Milkfish are like steelhead it seams to take a thousand casts to get one to eat your fly!

Golden Trevelle could be one of the most beautiful fish on eath and they tail on crabs just like a permit!!  I was lucky to have a friend of mine Bruce Chard on the last CXI trip.  We had some discussions on feeding habits of both fish and made a plan to hunt these cool fish exclusively for hours on end.  We were rewarded with 10 shots in a day with 4 eats and only 1 nice 12# Golden to hand and worth every moment spent in the search.  They love to see my Cognac Snapping Shrimp dive for the bottom….land the fly 4′ to the side they seam to be feeding to while keeping tight to the fly the second it hits the water.  Some bites are violent right when the fly hits the water, and some bites they lightly sip it off the bottom…be ready to adjust to the fishes behavior.

GT or Geets as I like to call them are the bulldogs of the flats, crushing anything smaller than he.  Apex predators are very cool but don’t expect to see a ton of them like other species like the prolific bonefish scattered all over the flats.  If you hunt the edges  you will get some shots at these monsters.  Try to get the fly going straight away from the GT’s face just as a prey would be running naturally to draw a life changing bite!!

Triggerfish…Mustache and Yellow-margin are both very cool fish that frequent the flats.  The coolest thing about triggerfish is that they TAIL.  My heart jumps a beat every time I see that orange tail flipping and flopping from a 100yds away telling me to come test my skills in the crunchy coral they live in rooting for crabs.  Slow strip and wait for the triggerfish to crunch your fly to a stall out feed count of 3…yep count tell 3 after they eat your fly then slowly come tight…its hard, very hard to hook these toothy critters.  Oh ya, they are smart and will try to bite your finger off so be careful!!