Cognac Flies
The next-level fly tie

Our signature Cognac Flies are the next evolution of the last 100 years of of hardcore fly fisherman who put in countless hours of fishing and tying and fishing and tying. The result is our take on a fishy fly with a new level of strength, action, simplicity and sexiness. We also add the perfect touch of cunning to make them absolute killers.


Bonefish Box
Tarpon Box
Bonefish box
Tarpon box
All flies in our Bonefish Box are tested daily on some of the world’s smartest Grey Ghosts. We fine-tune the weight-to-hook-size ratio perfectly to sink/swim for every depth you might be sight fishing in. All you have to do is make the cast and keep your cool. Flies in our Tarpon Box have been put to the test and modified to the ever-adapting Silver King. We use proven hook sizes from Gamakatsu with just the right penetration-to-strength wire size ratio to help maximize hook ups. We even have some new prototype color combos that have been absolutely slaying. These bad boys will not disappoint.