Oahu, Hawaii
The place monster bonefish call home

“Hawaii on the Fly” will exceed expectations for those that have chased these elusive ghosts of the flats. Sight fishing is our specialty, patience and experience is the way we roll to give our clients the best shots possible making great memories.



Your day on the Hawaiian flats includes our flats boats and A+ experienced guides, tying our own flies to get in the heads of these big bones. We don’t fish by our watches we fish by nature so plan on doing whatever winds, tides and the sun is telling us to do, we just love to fish and have fun. Pack light we have top of the line equipment “fly” and “Spinning” or bring your own.
1/2 day trips range from 4-5 hours and include:

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • All gear

Depending on visibility you will get 20-40 shots on an average day.
Fullday trips range from 8-12 hours and include:

  • Lunch, snacks
  • Drinks
  • All gear

Depending on visibility expect 30-60 shots on an average day.


What to bring:
  • Your favorite stick and a high-end saltwater reel filled with a minimum of 250 yds of backing.
    We also have Scott fly rods and Hatch reels available for use.
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Sun protection
  • 50′ double-haul tight loop cast optional but extremely helpful


Our Gear:
  • Scott 6# S4s 9′ with a Hatch 5+ reel packed with 30# spectra and a 6# Airflo bonefish line for TAILING fish in skinny water.
  • Scott S4s 8# with a Hatch 7+ packed with Hatch backing and an 8# Airlfo bonefish line for sight fishing out of the boat.
  • Smith Chromopop amber/copper lense sunglasses
  • Seaguar tapered leaders in 12# and 16#
  • SIMMS wading boots with gravel guards, sun shirt and buffs



Natural color crabs and mantis shrimp on gamakatsu hooks with small to medium dumbbell eyes. Our Cognac flies are available for purchase but all flies are free while fishing with us.


If you’re coming in from an outer Hawaiian island, we’ll pick you up and drop you back off at the airport free of charge. We also offer discounted taxi service from Waikiki for all of our anglers. Of course, fishing start times and end times are all tide dependent. So we don’t watch our watches, we take our cues from Mother Nature.